• Name:   Bert Guynes
    Grade:  7 & 8 grades
    Subject: Department:   Industrial Technology
    Room Number:   902
    Telephone Number:   281-641-4834
    Email Address:   Bert.Guynes@humbleisd.net

    Industrial Technology is an introduction to many lifelong skills.  From basic drawing and designing to drafting.  Students will learn to read the 16th scale and use drafting equipment to create scaled drawings.  The entire class revolves around being able to read the 16th scale (standard inch ) and work fractions from that scale; addition, subtraction etc...  After Drafting, students will be introduced to SAFETY.   Safety covers proper use and care for basic hand tools, power tools and machines.  A safety test must be passed with 100% prior to using this equipment.   Some topics we will cover in this class are:  Drawings, Drafting, Design, Aerodynamics, Engineering, Structural Design, Carpentry, Woodworking, Propulsion, just to list a few.  Due to the nature of this class, most assignments MUST be completed during class due to the specialized tools and equipment, so maximizing class time in critical!! We try our best to make it a productive and fun environment.
    Future hopes for RMS Ind. Tech. program is to bring CADD into the classroom !!
    We are putting plans together to remodel the room. Dividing the classroom and the dirty lab, so that the classroom area will be able to support  computers for student to begin learning how to draft on computers.  Computer-Aided Design & Drafting ( CADD ) has been used in industry for more than 40 years, and most high schools now offer it as well. Here at RMS, we think it is time to get that technology going at this level!!  Along with local support, possible grant funds, we are asking for your help in the endeavor. At the following HISD Foundation link, you can donate directly to the cause. Please help us bring the future to RMS as fast as possible!!
    All monies will go directly towards the purchase of computers and other required equipment to make this wish come true.  
    GREAT NEWS:   RMS Ind, Tech program now has a full CADD lab !!!!!!!
    We are now able to draft on the computer, design in 3D, print large format paper in color, Next step is to bring online s 3D printer, CNC router, and a new vinyl cutting machine   If you would like to help add more technology equipment, more consumabile, etc... please feel free to donate to my district wish list fund.
    Mr. Guynes  

    WISH LIST LINK:      http://humbleisdfoundation.donorpages.com/RMSWishList/BertGuynes/

    LAB FEE PAYMENT should be paid directly through Revtrak at RMS Industrial Technology button, add the correct class to shopping cart and pay.

    My Class Schedule

    Period 1              8:35       9:30            Introduction to Technology

    Period 2              9:35     10:30             Principle of Manufacturing

    Period 3           10:35      11:30             Principle of Manufacturing

    Period 4           11:35        1:00             Introduction to Technology

    Period 5              1:05       2:00             Introduction to Technology

    Period 6              2:05       3:00            Principle of Manufacturing

    Period 7              3:05       4:00            Conf. Period 






      Monday      4:30 - 5:30pm

      Wed.          7:30am - 8:20