Mrs. Hanley
         Maura Hanley          
    Reading & Language Arts Academic Lead Teacher (K-5)

    About Mrs. Hanley 
    I attended UT in Austin and my husband went to Texas A&M.  I'm a lifelong learner who received a Master of Education in Administration. I hope my love of learning will be passed along to the students and teachers of Pine Forest Elementary! When I'm not at school, I'm usually baking, reading or searching Teacher Blogs for new ideas of things to use with different classes! 
    Recently, I started reading books from the Mercy Watson series with my daughters. The 4 year old loves them because she is as fond of butter as Mercy. My two year old seemed to prefer the Princess in Black series that we also like to read, because she can growl along with the monsters.    
    Check our Library Catalog to see what books you might want to suggest to your student to find and read with you at home! 
    The difference between a goal and a dream is a plan.  We will be making a lot of plans starting on Day 1 for how to meet all the goals we will achieve this year.    
    Friendly Reminder
    If your student misses school for ANY reason; you only have 3 days after they return to send a note in. 
    If a note is not received by the 4th day the student is back at school; the absence will be marked UNEXCUSED.
    Thanks for your attention and turning in your absence notes!
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