• First Period:  English II Pre-AP
    Second Period:  English II Pre-AP
    Third Period:  English II Pre-AP
    Fourth Period:  English II Pre-AP
    Fifth Period: Conference Period
    Sixth Period:  English II Pre-AP
    Seventh Period: English II Pre-AP


    Tutoring Schedule:  Tuesdays 6:30 AM | Wed. 2:55 PM - 3:30 PM

Ms. Wood

Debbie Wood   

  • Grade: 10
    Subject / Department: English II Pre-AP 
    Room Number: 2507
    Telephone Number: 281-641-7557
    Email Address:

  • Classroom Rules: 

    1. Be prompt.  Arrive on time to class every day, and begin the warm-up upon arrival.
    2. Be prepared.  Bring all the required materials and assignments to class.
    3. Be polite. Treat yourself, your classmates, and your teacher with respect and kindness.
    4. Be productive.  Spend class time-on-task, and complete all assignments on time.
    5. Be positive.  Bring a positive attitude to class every day, and be willing to learn and work collaboratively with others.



    First offense: Warning

    Second offense: Call Home

    Third offense: Referral

    Fourth offense: Parent / Teacher Conference with Administration