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  • 1st - Algebra II Pre-AP

    2nd - Algebra II Pre-AP

    3rd - Conference Period

    4th - Algebra II Pre-AP

    5th - Algebra II Pre-AP

    6th - Algebra II On-Level

    7th - Algebra II On-Level


Mrs. Raines

Kim Raines

Classroom Expectations

  • The classroom belongs not just to the teacher but to the students.  It should be a safe learning place for all students.  Listed below are my basic classroom expectations.

    • When the bell rings, be in your seat and prepared to work.
    • Respect the teacher and your classmates.
    • Refrain from eating and drinking in the classroom.
    • At the end of the period, remain in your seat until the bell rings.
    • Give your best every day and expect to succeed.