• Melissa Baugh


    Kingwood Park High School

    Math Department
    Geometry & Geometry Pre-AP
    Room: 2305 
     Ext: 281-641-6643

    Welcome to your class website! I am looking forward to the 2020-2021 school year here at Kingwood Park High School! We have a great upcoming school year planned for us. 


    Please see Schoology Website for course material: humble.schoology.com 


    1st Period: Geometry Pre - AP
    2nd Period: Geometry Pre - AP                                          Tutorial Times:
                                                         FLEX A: Monday & Thursday
    3rd Period: Conference                                                     Room: 2305
    4th Period: Geometry
    5th Period: Geometry                                          
    6th Period: Geometry 
    7th Period: Geometry Pre - AP                                                                           




    Downloadable Calculator (Follow instructions below)

    1. Click DOWNLOAD
    2. SELECT "TI-83 PLUS SDK"
    3.Choose "RUN" when prompted (This process will save the icon to your desktop as well as programs menu)
    4. Follow prompts to download to your computer.
    5. If icon doesn't save to your desktop, you can access it from "All Programs" on your computer's START MENU
    6. When you open this program, a blank screen appears. Select the icon for "new document" (similar to the icon in MS Word - a white page)
    7. Select the choice of calculator, TI-83 works just fine for our class (screen is now white, but still blank)
    8. Select the "play button" icon (looks similar to a play button on a radio)
    9. Your calculator should appear. Use it as we do in class