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    Clinic hours: 7:30-3:30

    The mission of Humble ISD Health Services is to enhance the health and well being
     of the students, staff, and community thus supporting the education
     of all students through maximizing their educational time.

    Dear Parents:

    I want to welcome you to Atascocita Springs Elementary, where our motto is "you matter". I have discovered the administration and staff at our school truly seeks for this to ring true with every student. I am thankful to be able to work with such great staff once again. 

    I will do everything I can to help keep your child healthy and happy. I want all our children to enjoy being at school and to be able learn everything they can to become awesome people. I enjoy working with our students, and I know they need to be healthy, well rested, and fed to concentrate in class. I know they will get hurt, they will get ill, and they can get stressed and emotional.

    I ask you to do your best to make sure your child gets plenty of rest at eats a good breakfast with lots of nutrients and protein so they are able to function at their best everyday. I know this is not easy, and sometimes impossible, but it is vital for him/her to thrive at school. Please also keep your child home if he/she is ill. If you have questions about particular symptoms, please call me. We all need to protect each other's families from illness.

    I request that all students keep a change of clothes in their backpacks. It puts quite a damper on their day if they have a spill at lunch or fall into a puddle at recess.

    Note that children should be kept home from school for the following reasons:

    1. temperature of 100.0 degrees or more in the last 24 hours
    2. vomiting in the past 24 hours
    3. diarrhea in the past 24 hours
    4. persistent coughing
    5. continually runny nose with green, or yellow mucus
    6. eyes that appear red and weeping
    7. a rash of unknown cause anywhere on the body


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