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    What is an Annual Fund?

    The AMS Vision "Learning is Personal" seeks to meet the individual needs and passions of the students we serve. This will require tools and training to build a community and provide personalization and individualization in the classroom. My hope is that you will join me in giving a gift to the AMS Annual Fund to meet our goal of 200 family gifts and $25,000 in gifts to the Instructional Vision or Fine Arts programs (Band, Orchestra, Choir, Theater, Dance).

    The Humble ISD Vision is for students to demonstrate leadership, creativity & innovation, critical thinking, communication skills, and personal responsibility – along with content mastery – within the global landscape.  The AMS Annual Fund aims to maximize fundraising outcomes in order to financially support innovative instructional practices & student experiences that go beyond the general budget. 

    Why should I give to the Annual Fund?

    • 100% of funds donated will go back to AMS!

    • The Annual Fund is a “one-time ask” – no fundraisers or “selling stuff” during the year

    • Gifts can be a one-time or monthly donation to the Instructional Vision or the Arts - you have a choice!

    Why does AMS do an Annual Fund?

    #1: As an investor, would you prefer a 37% return or a 100% return?  AMS prefers a 100% return on your time and financial giving.  In years past the candy fundraiser earned AMS about 30 - 40% return (~$37,000 in candy bars sold, ~$13,000 in funds for AMS).  The Annual Fund earns a 100% return to the campus!

    #2: Reduce donor fatigue! Our goal is that AMS has a(n) "one ask" fundraiser among the school, PTA, and Booster Club.  You have a choice.  Your gift can be distributed to one or more of the following: the Instructional Vision, Band, Orchestra, Theater, Choir, or Athletics.

    #3: Gifts can be given as a one-time or monthly donation. Using the online giving page you can decide to give a donation as a one-time gift or spread out monthly (or even weekly).

    Thanks to many generous donors the gifts received the previous years are:

    2013 - 2014: $28,885

    2104 - 2015: $28,500

    2015 - 2016: $30,954

    2016 - 2017: $20,849

    2017 - 2018: $5,085 [Due to Hurricane Harvey, AMS opted to not take part in Annual Fund this year].

    2018 - 2019: $17,575

    How do I give to the Annual Fund?

    I'm ready to make a gift online TODAY!