Mrs. Kennedy

  • Name: Carlee Kennedy

    Subjects: Dance I & II, Stars & Stripes

    Room: 1302 (Dance Room)

    Telephone Number: 281-641-7650



Class Schedule

  • 1st Pd: Dance II

    2nd Pd: Stars & Stripes Integrated Dance

    3rd Pd: Dance I

    4th Pd: Conference

    I only work part-time in the mornings. I am off campus for 5th, 6th and 7th.


  • Dance Dept. Tutoring Schedule

    • Tuesday 3:00-3:30
    • Thursday 8:45-9:15



  • Parents,

    It is easiest to get in touch with me through email. The dance room is loud and I often can't hear or get to the phone in time. If you would like to have a phone conversation, please email me asking me to call you and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Additionally, I only work part-time in the mornings. I am off campus after 11:00am. If you email me in the afternoon, I promise I will get back to you once I am back on campus.

    Thank you!

  • Mrs. K

Dance Students are EXPECTED to...

    • Show respect

    • Dress out

    • Participate

    • Treat the dance room as a classroom

    • Seek out missed information when absent

    • Turn in assignments on time

    • Put away their cell phones. We are a RED zone!