• Thank you KHS Annual Fund!

    Here are just a few of the Faculty Grants Awarded in 2021!

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    Welcome to the KHS Annual Fund

    We believe one of the greatest strengths of Kingwood High School is the active community in which we reside, one that embraces our vision and works to support and take part in the educational opportunities we offer our students.  It is our firm belief that our success at Kingwood High School is contingent upon community involvement and community feedback   Recently, we worked to gather stakeholder feedback in a variety of areas   The community’s view on high priority needs include the following  technology infrastructure, research-based professional development opportunities for staff, as well as student activities that address the academic, social, and emotional well-being of all students.

    The funds raised over the past five years have provided support for the purchase and integration of classroom technologies, infrastructure necessary for the implementation of One Lunch, classroom sets of Surface Pros and IPads, purchase of software for student use, support of end-of-year Senior Activities, as well as ongoing professional development opportunities for our faculty.

    We are devoted to cultivating forward thinkers whose experiences at Kingwood High School help shape their futures  This is, however, increasingly difficult with budget shortfalls forcing educators to constantly “do more with less.”  Since Kingwood High School opened its doors in 1979, the community has helped to shape its success.  As a result of community support, Kingwood High School has developed a reputation of academic excellence.  It is our hope that the community will join efforts to provide continued support of our students’ education.