•  Daily Schedule

    8:10-8:55     3rd Grade

    8:55-9:40     5th Grade

    10:55-11:40  4th Grade

    11:40-12:25  Kindergarten

    12:25-1:10    1st grade

    1:10-1:55      2nd grade

    2:10-3:10     Enrichment Class

    Monday:       5th Grade

    Tuesday:      2nd Grade

    Wednesday   4th Grade

    Thursday      3rd Grade

    WPE Mission Statement

    WPE will empower our students 
    and staff to be critical thinkers and positive communicators.  
    We pledge to model and facilitate personal responsibility
     and global citizenship.
    WPE Vision Statement
    WPE fosters leadership and collaboration 
    for school, families and community in a 
    creative and trusting environment.
    Chad Knesek, MEd.
    Music Specialist (K-5)
    281-641-2564 (Direct)
    281-641-2500 (Campus)