STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) is critical for keeping our students, community, and state competitive in the global marketplace.  Our Science Department is devoted to providing our students with outstanding STEM education, using research-based best educational practices.

    The KPHS Science Department offers courses that include Anatomy and Physiology, Aeroscience, Astronomy, Aquatic Science, Forensic Science, IPC (Integrated Physics/Chemistry), Pathophysiology, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, with a variety of on-level, preAP, AP, and On-Ramps sections offered. Our teaching staff is available for tutoring during flex hour for students seeking additional support. 

    For more specific information about individual teachers, schedules, courses, and tutorial times please click on “Teacher Links” below.  We greatly appreciate your visit to the KPHS Science Department Website!


    Tara Bailey

    Science Instructional Coach




     2021-22 KPHS Science Department


  • Tara Bailey Science Instructional Coach
  • Jennifer Green Astronomy & Integrated Physics & Chemistry
  • Hali Hobbs Level Biology
  • Laurie Rosato On-Ramps Chemistry & Pre AP Chemistry
  • Danielle Steingreaber Anatomy & Physiology, Pre AP Biology
  • Glenn Taylor Aero Science 1 & 2, On-Ramps Physics, Level Physics
  • Renee Tolin Integrated Physics and Chemistry
  • Donna Papadimitriou Assistant Principal Science
  • Jacob Butcher Physics & Principles of Physics
  • Casey DeBottis Level Biology & Patho-Physiology
  • Tanya Johnston Forensic Science
  • Kristen Lynam AP Biology & Pre AP Biology
  • Meagan Martin Pre AP Chemistry & Level Chemistry
  • Meredith Schlosberg Pre AP Chemistry & Level Chemistry
  • Emilie Schwind Aquatics & Astronomy