Attendance Processing Center

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    The Attendance Processing Center works in coordination with the Humble ISD police department to educate parents, support campus attendance interventions, and enforce the compulsory school attendance laws.



    Did you know . . . ?

    • If your student has a doctor's visit but attends school for part of the school day, he/she is not charged with an absence by the state as long as the attendance office receives documentation of the office visit.

    • A court visit by the student is not counted as an absence if the attendance office receives the court note for documentation.

    • In order for an absence to be changed from unexcused to excused, documentation must be provided to the school attendance office within 48 hours from when the student returns to school. After 48 hours, the absence will remain unexcused, unless approved by a campus administrator.

    • You can keep track of your son/daughter's attendance and grades by signing in to the Home Access Center (HAC).  If you have not yet set up a HAC account, you can do so at that time.

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