• Nurse
    Students must have a pass to come to the clinic unless it is before or after school or during their lunch.

    If a student has a fever of 100 degrees or greater, they are not able to return to school until fever free for 24 hours with out the use of Tylenol or Ibuprofen.  Please contact KPark attendance if your child is not able to come to school.

    A few reminders:
    • All medications are to be brought in by the parent in the original bottle. Smallest bottle possible is greatly appreciated since storage is limited. 
    • Please check the expiration date.  We cannot give any expired medication.
    • Medication forms need to be signed by the parent.
    • All prescriptions require a physician signature.
    • A parent must pick up medication at the end of the school year or it will be disposed of according to the Humble ISD policy. No medication will be carried over into next year. All medication needs to be picked up by June 1 at noon.

    The mission of Humble ISD Health and Medical Services is to enhance the health and well being of the students, staff, and community thus supporting the education of all students through maximizing their educational time. 

    We see our professional school nurses as:

    • Supporting the individual and collective health needs of students, staff and community
    • Acknowledging the diversity of cultures within the district
      Valuing the unique ideologies of students and families
    • Educating the student, staff, and community by promoting health and wellness
    • Maintaining a superior level of professional competency as demonstrated by compliance with the Standards of Practice and Performance of School Nursing Practice

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