• Business Education
    Laura Abel

    Business Department
    Room: 4701

    Distance Learning Opportunity
     March 18 to April 10th Plan:
    Accounting II Lessons (not all lessons will be in mindtap this is just to get us started)
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    Mrs. Abel's 2019-2020 Schedule

    1st Period - Accounting I Honors
    2nd Period - Accounting II Honors
    3rd Period - Accounting I Honors
    4th Period - Accounting II Honors
    5th Period -Accounting I Honors
    6th Period - Accounting II Honors/Business Practicum
    7th Period -  Conference
               A BLOCK                    B BLOCK
    MON - LUNCH               Cafeteria Duty & BAKING CLUB
    TUE -    FIT                  TUTORING & FBLA
    WED - LUNCH               LUNCH
    THU -  LUNCH              TUTORING 
    FRI -  LUNCH                LUNCH