Dina Havranek         

    6th Grade Science      
    Room: 810  281-641-3854



    When we return to ALL in-school classes, I will post information on this page to let students know what they need to have in their binder at all times. It will be titled WHAT TO KEEP IN YOUR BINDER

    But for now, everything necessary can be found in Schoology:)



    Please see 'Week at a Glance' folder in Schoology for a weekly calendar of assignments. All assignments will be posted in Schoology. For tips on how Schoology works, click on the 'Need Help?' tab on the lefthand side of this webpage.


    Dina Havranek  

    6th grade Class Schedule 
    Conference Period 8:30-9:23

    5th period Face-to-Face learning 1:13-2:06

    6th period Face-to-Face learning 2:10-3:03

    In-person Tutoring:
    Mondays: 4:00-5:00PM
    Zoom Q and A
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:25-11:00AM
    The link to my Zooms may be found in the Week at a Glance in the Agenda folder in Schoology. Zooms are not mandatory. They are an opportunity for students to ask me questions about the assignments I post in Schoology.
    WISH LIST 2020-2021
     (I will post a wish list here when we return to all in-school classes. Until then my wish is for you to stay safe.)