Dina Havranek         

    6th Grade Science      
    Room: 810  281-641-3854


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    Hello all! On this page you will find my contact information and my tutoring hours. Want to know what is happening or due in my class every day? Check the week at a glance in Schoology. I will email out the week at a glance every week o parents through HAC.

    Almost all graded work will be assigned in Schoology using a class set of chromebooks. Students who have their own laptop computer may bring it to Science class any time. Students can make up absent work in Schoology by clicking on Assignments, clicking on the day they were absent, and completing the missing work. 

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    6th grade Class Schedule 
    1st period Co-taught Science 8:25-9:15AM

    2nd period conference 9:21-10:13AM

    3rd period Co-taught Science 10:17-11:08AM

    4th period On level Science 11:42AM-1:10PM

    5th period Advanced Science 1:14-2:05PM

    6th period Advanced Science 2:10-3:02PM

    7th period Co-taught Science 3:06-4:00PM


    In-person Tutoring:
    Mondays: 4:05-5:00PM
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