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    6th Grade Science      
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    What should be in your binder:


    Space Study Guide
    pens, pencils, scissors and glue 
    notebook paper

    All graded assignments have been posted. Students may continue to turn in work through the rest of the nine weeks without penalty. For optional work that will not be graded, click on the 'Optional Brain Breaks - not for a grade' tab on the left side of this screen. 

    I will start assigning homework Monday, August 26th. After that, homework will be assigned every Monday and due every Thursday. I will not assign homework on weeks in which Monday is a holiday.  If you don't remember your homework, click my 'Homework' tab to read the assignment.  Assignments will always be handed out in class.  Some assignments may be available to print off my website.  Others may not be.  If misplaced and not available on my website, I will have extra copies in my classroom. 

    You will need pens, pencils, scissors, glue and notebook paper. Students will make an Interactive Study Guide starting August 21st. Never come to class without your Interactive Study Guide as we will use it on most days.
    Want to know about upcoming homework and tests? 
    Sign on to Remind 101!  Click on the tab on the left for instructions.
    Dina Havranek  

    6th grade Class Schedule 
    1st Period: Science
    2nd Period: Conference
    3rd Period: Science
    4th Period: PreAP Science
    5th Period: PreAP Science
    6th Period: PreAP Science
    7th Period: Science

    My Tutoring Schedule:
    Mondays 4:00PM-5:00PM
    WISH LIST 2019-2020
     handheld pencil sharpeners
    notebook paper
      copy paper