• Senora Acevedo

    ¡Bienvenidos a mi clase de Español!

    Welcome to my Spanish Class!

    Marcela Acevedo
    Spanish I
    Introduction to Spanish
    Room 608  
    Bachelor's Degree of Education
    Master's Degree of Education
    Texas Teaching Certification K-12
  • Zoom meetings: Wednesday's from 2:30pm - 3:30pm

    Zoom meeting ids, as well as previously recorded Zoom meetings are found within Google Classroom.


    Some Information:


    1. I will be sending emails to students and parents at least weekly. Parents, check with students to make sure they received my emails. Students, check with your parents to make sure they received my emails. I created email lists, but mistakes happen. Please let me know if I accidentally left someone off. 


    1.  I know that these are unusual times and children may have different living situations than normal or family, friends, or neighbors may be watching students while parents work.  If there is anyone else who may need to receive these emails in addition to you so that students are able to get their work done, please update your Home Access Center including their email addresses.


    1. How Learning Opportunities Will Be Distributed: I will be emailing out the learning opportunities. They will be posted on Google Classroom weekly. I will be sending Remind as well as posting them on my Teacher Website. If you do not currently get my Remind updates, PLEASE sign up for them. Here is the information:


      Spanish INTRO (3rd, 4th, 7th periods)


    Spanish 1 (1st, 5th, 6th periods)



    1.  All students should already be enrolled in Google Classroom, but here are the codes just in case. Parents who would like to be added to the google classroom may request an invite within your child's google classroom or you may email me.


       1st Period - brzyqrq

       3rd Period - uz5ovaq

       4th Period - l6nz2xa

       5th Period - 3bejw5t

       6th Period - 57hrsjp

       7th Period - geyfwxk


    In a moment, I will send this week’s assignment in an email. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Please know that we know about as much as you do. I am sure that you have a ton of questions, but I can really only answer questions about the assignments and accessing them.  The district is providing you with information at the same time we are getting it. Things are rapidly changing, so please be patient. 


    Thank you

    My Schedule
    Period 1: Spanish 1
    Period 2: Conference
    Period 3: Intro to Spanish
    Period 4: Intro to Spanish
    Period 5: Spanish 1
    Period 6: Spanish 1
    Period 7: Intro to Spanish
    Panther Prep  Wednesdays 4:05 pm-5:00 pm    
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         Spanish 1

          Intro to Spanish

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