• Name: Coach Tims
    Grade: 9 and 12
    Subject / Department: Strategic/Writing, Business English,
     and Athletics
    Room Number: 4416
    Conference Period: 1st
    Telephone Number: 
    Email Address:
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    Welcome to Strategic Writing and Business English at Kingwood High School!
    *Grades - Teacher Contact:
    If you need to contact me about your student's grades, please send an email to the address that appears at the top of this page. If you would like to speak to me, please call the number that appears at the top of the page during 1st Period. Being a coach and a teacher, there is rarely time later in the day to make parent contact, so please make contact during 1st Period. Please leave a message if the phone is unanswered. Email is the contact method of choice as many things have changed for this school year. 
    *Syllabus - Parents and Students:  
    The most updated syllabus can be found on the syllabus link and is complete with everything that will be covered in class. If students are absent, it is up to students to get their make-up work and complete it in a timely fashion. Remember, if a student is absent, they are only allotted one day per absence to do any make-up work. If a student is absent prior to a test or quiz that has been on the schedule, then they must still take the test or quiz; absenteeism does not excuse responsibility.
    Personal Introduction:
    I am excited to begin a new year at Kingwood High School. This is my eighth year at Kingwood High, and this is my thirteenth year of teaching English in the great state of Texas. I am looking forward to what the year has in store for us, and I am here to guide and support all KHS students through the learning experience that is high school. As a parent of a student at Kingwood High School, please feel free to contact me, through email preferably, if you have any questions or concerns.
    Brady Odin Tims  


                1st Period: Conference

                2nd Period: Strategic Writing

                3rd Period: Strategic Writing

                4th Period: Business English

                5th Period: Athletics

                6th Period: Business English

                7th Period: Strategic Writing

    Make-Up and Tutoring Time:
    Wednesday and Thursday - B Block