• Name: Coach Tims
    Grade: 9 and 12
    Subject / Department: Strategic/Writing, Business English,
     and Athletics
    Room Number: 4416
    Conference Period: 1st
    Telephone Number: 
    Email Address:
    COVID-19 Update for Business English and Strategic Writing
    UPDATE 4/8/2020
    Parents, Guardians, and Students: 
    As teachers, we have been asked to remove the links for our Zoom meetings. My Zoom link for each of my respective classes is being sent out as part of the weekly update that students receive on Mondays at 8:00 AM. 
    If you have any questions about how students can access these meetings, please let me know. The sessions can be used for general questions, tutoring on specific skills, and discussion of assignments. 
    UPDATE 3/27/2020
    Parents, Guardians, and Students: 
    Moving into the fourth grading period, I would like to remind you that we will be operating in the Google Classrooms created for Business English and Strategic Writing. More information on those can be found by clicking on the repsective tabs on the left side of the page. For the most part, this process has been smooth except a few students signed up for the wrong class. Make sure that you enroll in the digital class of mine that you are enrolled in at Kingwood High School. Also, since most work is submitted as a form, the assignments will state that you have not "attached any work." This message is not an error; it is simply stating that you have not digitally attached anything. Simply put, if you hit the purple submit button at the bottom, then you have submitted your assignment.
    For the classes that I teach, students will be able to access all learning opportunities in their Google Classroom on Mondays at 8:00 am. For the first week, there were due dates for learning opportunities. Those have been removed, and students can participate in all opportunities on Monday, or they can space them throughout the week; either way is acceptable.
    Each teacher at Kingwood High will be offering face-to-face tutoring/online sessions on varying days. Download the Zoom App for your phone. If the app is on your phone, you should just be able to click the link that will be sent out via Google Classroom to go straight to the meeting, if the meeting is up. Business English and Strategic Writing will have separate opportunities to meet, and those times are below. 
    These sessions will be to check-in, ask questions, provide a sense of normalcy, and be a contact point for students and teachers to convene weekly in a digital format. Students can join via phone, computer, or any other means. For my Zoom sessions, students will not have to have the camera on themselves if they choose not to. If students do not have access to a microphone, there is a chat feature that will allow students to interact via text-based communication. These sessions are NOT required, but will be provided as opportunities for student-teacher interaction and supplementation to the online curriculum. 
    UPDATE 3/22/2020
    Parents and Guardians:
    Although circumstances prevent us from holding classes, learning opportunities will be posted on my website in the coming weeks via the tabs on my website. Depending upon the class your student is in, the materials and opportunities will vary. Google Classrooms have been created to upload and maintain the content for Business English and Strategic Writing; information about enrollment can be found on the respective tabs.
    I will be available via email, and the Zoom app during certain hours which will be posted soon, so do not hesitate to reach out with questions. 
    The district is currently discussing how distance learning will function regarding grades and submission of assignments.
    As of March 22nd, the hub for student learning regarding Business English and Strategic Writing will be the Google Classrooms that have been created recently. 

    The pandemic has presented an educational challenge, but it also invites new avenues of growth. All teachers are exploring new teaching tools to make student learning experiences as enriching as possible. 
    In the meantime, stay safe and well.