• Counseling Program Information  

    Our GTE Counseling Program

    As the Greentree Counselor, I have the privilege of working with all of our amazing students! I will be working with students in their classrooms, in small groups, as well as in short-term individual counseling meetings. Collaborating with parents, teachers, and staff is essential to my role, as well as consulting with community organizations to benefit and meet the needs of all Greentree Students.

    Please click below and fill out the Parent Referral Form to express your concerns or refer your student for individual or group counseling. 


    Student Referral Form 

    Parent/Guardian Counseling Referral Form for a GTE Student 


    CLASSROOM GUIDANCE LESSONS: These lessons will be presented in the classroom or during specials for students in grades K-5.  Lessons will teach developmentally appropriate life skills.

    GROUP COUNSELING: Group counseling is provided for small groups of students experiencing similar concerns. These may include decision-making, personal responsibility, self-awareness, social awareness, and coping with separation/divorce or loss.  The groups generally range from 4 to 6 students and last for 6 to 8 sessions. The students for these groups can be recommended by parents/guardians or by staff members.

    INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING: Short-term one-on-one counseling support is available to all students in grades K to 5. Students may self-refer or be referred to the counselors by teachers/staff and/or parents. Confidentiality is respected.

    CONSULTATIONS: I am available to have meetings with teachers, administrators and/or parents to discuss the needs of individual students. I am here for all students and want to ensure that your child has a productive and positive school year. 


    Any student can request to meet with me or they can be referred by a teacher, administrator, or parent.  I encourage you to reach out if you have concerns regarding your child.

    **Confidentiality** Please note that all information discussed is confidential between me and your child, unless they are planning on hurting themselves, hurting someone else or someone is hurting them.

    Please feel free to call me, or stop in so that we can meet face to face. I can be reached by email at jessica.cannon@humbleisd.net or by phone at (281) 641-1907.