Hello and welcome to Mr. Prather's webpage.  If you need to contact me please email me at aprathe@humbleisd.net.  If you would prefer to contact me by phone, my number is 281-641-5507.  Please know that during the workday I will not be able to answer and all calls will go to voicemail.  
    I have tutorials on Tuesday through Thursday from 2:05 to 3:00 PM.  Please make sure you have a signed tutorials pass though, as hall monitors will not allow you to come to my room otherwise.  My conference is 4th period.
    Please use the tabs on the left side for any information you need.  The 'General Links' tab has websites that are applicable to all of my classes.  From there each class will have a 'Files', 'Links', and 'Supplemental Reading Links' tab.  The 'Files' tab has a calendar, syllabus, and general information for the class.  The 'Links' tab has important webpages for each particular class.  Finally, 'Supplemental Reading' tab contains links to articles that you will need for homework assignments.


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