• MMB2018-2019 Mrs. Michelle McGowen Burch, M.Ed.

    Business Education
    Room 514




    Business and Computer Technology

    2018 - 2019

    Thank you for choosing to include a business and computer information course in your course schedule. 
    I am excited to share my knowledge with you and hope that you find the courses to be interesting, challenging, and FUN!


    Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
    8:00am to 8:30am

    Must have a hall pass from me or parent to attend morning tutoring.
    Must have a hall pass from me to attend tutoring during advisory.

    **This time is for help with assignments & projects and makeup work ONLY!**

    **No EXTRA CREDIT work is done during this time.


    1st Period    -     Business Information Management 1
    2nd Period   -     Business Information Management 1
    3rd Period    -     Business Information Management 1
    4th Period    -     Business Information Management 1
    5th Period    -     Touch Systems/Data Entry
    6th Period    -     Touch Systems/Data Entry
    7th Period    -     Conference

    **Parents** I publish scores online as I grade them. Please check often as this is the most convenient way to see your child's progress in the class. Please check notes on any failing grades or conduct. Click here to access eSchool home

    Please click on the link to the course pages to read letters to parents.