Together, We Make a TEAM!! 
                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Rea and Teddy
     Mrs. Victoria Rea
     4th Grade
     Room 306


    Mrs. Rea’s Schedule

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday


    8:05-8:15------ Morning Meeting 

    8:10-8:55----- Reading and Social Studies

    9:00-9:45----- Specials

    9:50-10:30----- Reading Small Groups

    10:30-10:55------ Writing/Word Study

    11:00 -----Switch with Ms. Clayton

    11:00-11:10 -----Community Building

    11:10-11:55-----Reading and Social Studies

    12:00-12:30 -----Lunch Break

    12:30-1:00 -----Lunch Duty

    1:05-1:45-----Reading small groups

    1:40-2:10 -----Writing/Word Study

    2:15-3:10---Office Hours 


    3:40-4:00-- Office Hours and Student Feedback/Lesson Prep


    Conference Times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and

    Friday from 9:05-9:45


    Enrichment specials is at 2:05-3:10 pm on Thurday. 


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Mrs. Rea