2021-2022 School Year


    Classroom Rules (In addition to school rules):

    1. Be on time. Students are tardy and will be sent to their house secretary if they are not inside the White LGI when the tardy bell rings.
    2. Students must have their school ID on when entering and exiting class. 
    3. No food, drinks (except water) or gum in the LGI please.  
    4. No student will be allowed to leave class during the first 10 and last 10 minutes of class. 



    1st Period: Credit Recovery

    2nd Period: Credit Recovery

    3rd Period: Credit Recovery

    4th Period: Credit Recovery

    5th Period: Varsity & JV Football

    6th Period: Conference

    7th Period: Freshmen Football


    Welcome to 2021-2022 Credit Recovery. 


    Beginning 8/10, students and parents should be able to view our course in Schoology. To access this, students will go through MyHumble, click Schoology, and courses in the upper left corner. You will also be able to access Edgenuity via MyHumble. 


    Edgenuity, the program you will use to work on your classes can be accessed by selecting the -Edgenuity for Students Icon- via MyHumble. It can also be accesed by typing in the web address directly… http://learn.edgenuity.com/student 



    Edgenuity log-on info… Username: humble followed by 1st 3 letters of 1st name, 1st 3 letters of Last name & Last 4 #s of school ID). Example: Jane Dodson, ID 123456 username would be humblejandod3456 Password: 6 digit school ID.  


    I highly recommend watching the introduction videos this week before beginning your class(es). The videos will be well worth your time whether you are a new or returning student to CR. Students can access their on-line classes anytime, anywhere they have access to the internet. Further, the ones who are successful in credit recovery tend to get the most accomplished outside of school. Stiudents are strongly encourage to get as much work as possible done outside of school. All on-line quizzes, labs, assignments & tests can be completed from home or anywhere they have internet access.  


    I’m looking forward to a great year, 


    Coach Orr