• Name: J. Blaine Orr

    Grade: 9-12

    Subject / Department: Physical Education. Room Number: 1405 (GYM). Periods: 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th 

    Telephone Number: 281.641.7570

    Email Address: jerel.orr@humbleisd.net



    Students will be involved in a physical education experience this year.  Foundations of Personal Fitness, Individual & Team Sports, and Aerobic activities will introduce the student to a variety of team and individual sports as well as numerous fitness activities.  The class will offer concepts, strategies, rules, and sportsmanship that can be applied throughout life. Cardiovascular and health related fitness concepts will be incorporated into the program.  Students will be expected to participate in 1 of several activities available each day (walking will always be 1 of those activities). Efforts will be made to help each student recognize gains in his or her level of fitness and to encourage each of them to be as active as possible.


    Students are graded on full participation & wearing the proper athletic shoes (athletic rubber soled shoes: no boots, sandals, slides, sperry’s, slip on Vans, etc.).

    A student can earn TWO grades of 100 per week for the nine week grading period.  One grade is participation based and the other is for wearing the approved shoes. 

    Each student will begin the week with a 100 for both participation and wearing appropriate shoes.  10 points will be deducted from their respective grade each day the student chooses not to participate or wear to right shoes.  ***Students will be given an opportunity to participate in some form every day.

    Dress code:


    Although students are not required to dress out each day, we also strongly recommend that they bring appropriate attire (t-shirt, shorts, etc...) for physical education each day while still following the AHS student handbook over dress code. 

    • Shoes – MUST be rubber soled, cover the entire foot, and have laces.  Wearing flip-flops, sandals, deck shoes (Sperry’s), black soles, boots, or dress shoes will result in a daily deduction of 10 points from their dress out grade for that week.  
    • We recommend students wear athletic clothing other than what they plan to wear to class for cleanliness and hygiene purposes; however they are NOT required to change clothes.
    • Shirts – MUST have sleeves (NO tank tops or spaghetti straps) & MUST be closed at the neck (NO V-neck or U-neck tops).
    • Shorts – MUST cover the entire back & mid-riff and meet school dress code length.

    Lockers: NOTE: Students have access to PE lockers. Students must provide their own locks. Lockers WILL NOT be issued to PE students without locks.  Students must secure all personal belongings inside their locker and keep it locked at all times.  Coaches and school are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Please avoid bringing expensive jewelry, iPod, phones, cash, etc... into the locker room.  


    Classroom Rules (In addition to school rules):

    1.    Be on time. Students are tardy and will be sent to their house secretary if they are not inside the gym when the tardy bell rings.

    2.    Students must have their school ID on when entering and exiting class. 

    3.    No food, drinks or gum in the gyms or locker rooms.   

    4.    No student will be allowed to leave class during the first 10 and last 10 minutes of class.