•  I will be posting assignments while we are remote learning on Google Classroom.  My students should already be logged in to Classroom, but if not, the following are the codes for them to log in and join the classroom:

    Rela - ofouwo6

    Dyslexia - djpbji6

    Read 180 - i6dhypc

    To access Google Classroom, go to the Timberwood website, click on students, then click on My Humble.  You will see a Google Classroom app with a green background.

    Each Friday at 10 I will host a Zoom meeting for any and all students who would like help.  See Google Classroom for the link to join.








    Beverly Poindexter
    6th Grade
    Room 817
    Mrs. Poindexter

    1st period - Rela
    2nd period - Read 180
    3rd period - Dyslexia
    4th period - Conference
    5th period - Dyslexia
    6th period - Rela
    7th period - Read 180

    Tutoring Monday 4:05 - 5:00