• Greentree Chess Club
    Dear Parents,
    We are very happy to have your child in chess club. Please
    send a snack and drink with your child to have during the
    meeting. We encourage you not to send peanut containing
    snacks due to the allergies in our school.
    Please make other arrangements for any other children that will
    not be in the club unless you are present.
    If for some reason your child needs to leave before the meeting
    is over at 4:00, please come to the Science Lab to sign them out.
    When the meeting is over pick up will be at the front door.
    Thank you,
    Cindy Alford

    Cindy Alford
    Greentree Front Office

    Come, play, learn and have fun!
    Chess players of all abilities welcome!

    Mondays     3:07-4:00 Your child may want to bring a healthy snack (no peanuts, please!)