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    Agriculture Food & Natural Resources
    Charlie Duke - Ag. Facilities Design & Fabrication, Agricultural Mech. & Metal Tech., Food Tech.  & Safety, Horticulture Science, Landscape Design and Turf Grass Mgmt., Livestock Prod., Wildlife Fisheries and Ecology, Practicum In Agriculture  

    Christian Baccigalopi - Principles of Agriculture Food & Natural Resources, Adv. Animal Science, Small Animal Management, Principles and Elements of Floral Design, Practicum In Agriculture  


    Architecture and Construction  

    Bryan Viator - Prin. of Architecture and Construction, Construction Technology, Advanced Construction Technology, Architecture Design  


    Arts, Audiovisual Technology and Communication

    Sandyia Payton - Audio/Video Production
    Ollie Jackson
    - Animation


    Business Management & Administration

    Nanci Andrews - Business Info. Management
    Chovanique Kibble - Business Info. Management,

    Touch Systems Data Entry

    Carol Sullivan - Business Info. Management,

     Business Law 


    Education and Training

    Mary Brown - Principles of Education and Training



    Carol Sullivan - Accounting I, Banking and Finance,  Money Matters



    Robert Rohm -  Army JROTC


    Health Science
    Lana Snapp - Principles of Health Science, Health Science, Medical Terminology @ CATE

    Melissa Dabney -  Pharmacy Technician @ CATE

    Shirley Revels- CNA @ CATE 



    Hospitality and Tourism
    Alexandria Livoti - Prin. of Hospitality and Tourism 

    Daniella Jenkins - Culinary Arts, Practicum in Culinary Arts @ SCHS


    Human Services 

    Alexandria Livoti - Principles of Human Services,

    Child Development

    Teresa Hand - Cosmetology I @ HHS

    Tiffani Whittaker Cosmetology I & II @ HHS


    Information Technology

    Nanci Andrews - Computer Maintenance, Telecommunications and Networking, Digital and Interactive Media @ CATE
    David Srubar - Cisco I, II @ CATE

    Jackson, Ollie - Web Technologies


    Law, Public Safety & Security
    Kira Newsom - Principles of Law Public Safety Corrections & Security, Law Enforcement,

    Forensic Science



    William Dobbins - Welding, Advanced Welding  @ AHS



    Andret RayfordMktg. Dynamics, Sports and Entertainment Mktg., Fashion Marketing


     Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

    Larkin Lesueur - Engineering Design, Robotics and Automation, Principles of Physics, Concepts of Engineering, Practicum for STEM @ CATE


    Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
    Steven Clampitt - Energy Power and Transportation Systems, Automotive Technology, Advanced Automotive Technology

    Jeff Wilson - Collision Repair and Refinishing, Advanced Collision Repair and Refinishing @ KPHS