What is a Dashboard?
    The Dashboard is a high level overview of the status and trends in Student Achievement, Financial Resources, Attendance, Facilities, and Human Resources in the Humble Independent School District. It is intended to be a quick user-friendly tool that provides historical trends data.
    Why did Humble ISD create the Dashboard?
    Humble ISD strives to provide accurate, timely and transparent communication to all stakeholders for the purposes of increasing understanding about the District. The Dashboard is one of the tools used by the District to keep the staff, parents, and community members informed on the District's progress toward meeting its mission. The Dashboard is intended to offer an at-a-glance assessment on how our schools are performing as well as a status assessment of key operations in the District. More detailed, in-depth reports on the district's performance in the areas of achievement and finance are presented throughout the school year (e.g., School Report Cards, Annual Financial Report, Audit Report, etc.) and posted on this website.