• Brad Dornak
    6th Grade World Cultures
    RM. 805




    ***  UPDATE  ***

    During this interesting time, we will be using Distance Learning to grow your child's knowledge about topics they would be learning in class.  I'm going to be using "Google Classroom" at this time.
    Please have your child sign up to my "Google Classroom" by typing in the code to their appropriate class listed below.
    Period 2 (Pre-AP) - vrrsbnv
    Period 3 (OL) - phfnics
    Period 4 (OL) - ngjjttn
    Period 5 (Pre-AP) - vtg644u
    Parents below is a "How to" link to Google Classroom if you need help.
    If you have any questions, the best way to contact me is through my e-mail.  I will respond as soon as possible.
    Hello, I will be teaching your child 6th Grade World Cultures this year.  I have been teaching for over 21 years   I am looking forward to working with your child and showing him/her the world.  I also coach 7th and 8th Grade football, 7th Grade basketball, and track.  Together, let make this a wonderful year.


    1st Period        7th Grade Athletics
    2nd Period       Pre-AP World Cultures
    3rd Period        On-Level World Cultures
    4th Period        On-Level World Cultures
    5th Period        Pre-AP World Cultures
    6th Period        Conference
    7th Period        8th Grade Athletics


    After School on Wednesdays


    ***  Due to the football season, I will not be holding tutorials until the season is completed.


    X - assignment is excused, does not count as a zero
    0 - assignment was not turned in and cannot be made up,
         counts as zero
    Blank - assignment has't been turned in, can still be made 
                up for a late grade, counts as zero until turned in.