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    Sarah Mayhall
    Room 1105


    Summer reading

    The purpose of the summer reading assignment for AP US history is to bridge the gap from world history and preview two of our mini-units for the beginning of the year. Students will be accountable for the following within the first two weeks of school.

    What do I need to do?

    Download and print the study guides for America: The Essential Learning Edition chapters 1-3 and use to help focus on the most important content from the chapter. These can be found in Unit 1 and 2.
    Read America: The Essential Learning Edition chapters 1-3 and take notes based on the study guides. You will receive your book at flight school or you can buy it used if you would like your own copy.
    Read Portrait of America chapters 1-3 and answer the questions at the end of each chapter. These are PDFed and located under summer reading.
    What will I need to have/ turn in within the first two weeks of school?

    You can use your notes for America: The Essential Learning Edition chapters 1-3 on quizzed. Notes will be checked weekly.S
    You will turn in you questions for Portrait of America chapters 1-3 and will need to know the articles well enough to participate in Socratic Seminars.
    APUSH will read Chapters 1-3 in the textbook and take notes. The chapter study guides are on my website under "Unit 1". You will also ready chapter 1-3 in Portrait of America. The PDF is under "Summer Reading". Answer the questions at the end of each chapter.