Student Leadership Coordinator
    Advisory Coordinator
    US History Support Teacher 
    Service Learning Coordinator
    Student Council Advisor
    PTSA Faculty Liaison

    Grade: 9-12   Subject / Student Leadership      
    Room Number: 1321
    Office Telephone Number: 281.641.5475  Cell Number:   281.773.0028
    Email Address: JSahmel@humbleisd.net



    1st period:  US History Academic Support to 1108
    2nd:  Academic Support -- Conference Period
    3rd Period:  PBIS Objectives, Service Learning, and Coordination/Campus Event Planning 
    4th Period:  Student Leadership, 1321
    5th:  Student Leadership, 1321
    6th:  Academic Support -- US History Academic Support, Service Learning
    7th Period: Student Leadership, 1321, Service Learning Coordination/Event Coordination
    See "Helpful Documents" section for student transportation permission form. 

    For other important student leadership information, see the Student Council Website:   StuCo Information