• Name: Shellie Dick   
    Grade: 9th - 12th
    Subject / Department: CATEWorking
    Room Number: 2705/2710
    Telephone Number: 281-641-7059
    Email Address: Shellie.dick@humbleisd.net

    Welcome to Principles of Construction, Construction Management I & II and Practicum In Construction Management. I’m excited about seeing new and continuing students having the opportunity to work together on major projects. I’m looking forward to a productive and mind-challenging school year.



    1st              Period - Principles of Construction  
    2nd             Period - Principles of Construction
    3rd & 4th    Period - Construction Mgmt & Practicum
    5th              Period - Principles of Construction  
    6th              Period - Conference  
    7th              Period - Athletics 

    Tutoring times: