c                 Summer Bland

                      Advanced Chemistry 

    email: sbland@humbleisd.net  

    phone: 281-641-6939

    twitter: https://twitter.com/KHSCHEM_BLAND

    Welcome to Advanced Chemistry! This class will be a fun, fast-paced introduction to the world of chemistry. All of the resources you will need for the class can now be found on Schoology. I look forward to an exciting year! Please feel free to contact me anytime via email or Schoology. 


    Class schedule is as follows:

    1st period    Advanced Chemistry
    2nd period   Advanced Chemistry 
    3rd period:    Conference
    4th period:    Advanced Chemsitry 
    5th period:    Advanced Chemistry
    6th period:    Advanced Chemistry
    7th period:    Advanced Chemistry
    Tutoring Schedule:
    Tutoring Schedule