Welcome to the Document Center

  • Shannon Myers-Barrientos
    Document Center Supervisor

    (281) 641-8928

    Office Hours:
    7:00am - 3:00 pm Monday - Friday  


    1703 Wilson Road, Building A (the building closest to the intersection of Wilson Road and Will Clayton Blvd) 

    U.S. Mail Processing: 
    All district outgoing U.S. Postal mail is centrally processed in the Document Center in Building A.

    Interdistrict mail handlers pick up outgoing U.S. mail daily and deliver it to the Warehouse where it is processed.  The mail is processed under the sender's department code. Once a month a report is generated and delivered to Accounting and Financial Reporting.

    All mail is delivered to the U.S. Postal Service the next business day after receipt at the document center. 
    Presorted "Qualified" Mail- (our mail delivery costs will be discounted if we conform to the following "qualifying" items);
      1. Use envelopes #9 , #10, or #11.
      2. You may use 6"x9" envelopes but only without string clasps and buttons.
      3. Items should weigh no more than 2 ounces.
      4. Avoid using glossy materials; use white or light colors instead.
      5. Items should not exceed a maximum of a one-quarter inch thickness (avoid uneven thickness, and the items must be flexible).
    Use USPS Mail:
      1. If your envelopes are larger and/or heavier than allowed for by qualified mail (see above).
      2. If you are sending certified mail.
      3. If you are sending packages (do not exceed 15 pounds),
     Notify Shannon Myers-Barrientos if there is a large mail-out before you send it.