• Campus support




    Renee Beck, Campus & Department Support Manager

    (281) 641-8018

    Becky Beverly, Campus Support Accountant

    All forms and training materials (such as the Activity Fund Manual) are located on the Campus and Department Support Forms and Training page.
    Who to Contact for Help Staff Member Extension
    Account Balances-availability/issues Renee Beck 8018
    Activity Fund Manual Becky Beverly 8015
    Renee Beck 8018
    Auto Claims Risk Specialist 8995
    Bank Deposits Renee Beck 8018
    Ginger Ramer 8036
    Benefits Tammye Vaughn 8042
    Bookkeeper Bulletin Becky Beverly 8015
    Budget Accounts-new account set up Amy Parker 8024
    Budget Amendments-Activity Funds Renee Beck 8018
    Budget Amendments-Other Deborah Connors 8012
    Budget Amendments-Special Revenues Indra Hebert 8044
    Budget Questions Deborah Connors 8012
    Capital Outlay Pam Widmier 8037
    Cash Receipt Entries (CRP) Carrie Leffert 8043
    Certificates of Insurance Risk Specialist 8995
    Change Funds Becky Beverly 8015
    Check Printing Susan Osborne 8226
    Check Requests/Refunds Becky Beverly 8015
    Coding Questions-Budget Amy Parker 8024
    Coding Questions-Compliance Ida Schultze 8016
    Construction Purchases Pam Widmier 8037
    Contract Routing Process Becky Rangel 8156
    Cut-Off Dates Ida Schultze 8016
    Copiers Kathy Fontenot 8028
    Deposit Slips Becky Beverly 8015
    Depository Bank Liaison Janice Himpele 8185
    Disability-Short/Long Term Tammye Vaughn 8050
    Document Center Kathy Fontenot 8928
    ESS-Employee Self Service Human Resources 8170
    Fixed Assets Pam Widmier 8048
    General Ledger Transactions Ginger Ramer 8036
    Grants/Special Revenues-Federal Shelley Mattson 8048
    Grants/Special Revenues-State/Local Indra Hebert 8044
    Interest Becky Beverly 8015
    Journal Entries Ginger Ramer 8036
    KRONOS Donny Dennard 8028
      Tina Vasquez 8013
    Mail Susan Osborne 8226
    MUNIS Donny Dennard 8028
    Tina Vasquez 8013
    Billy Beattie 8178
    P-Card Reconciliation Pam Widmier 8037
    Postage Kathy Fontenot 8928
    Print Shop Teresa Wilson 8944
    Receiving on Purchase Orders Crystal Carter 8071
    RevTrak Becky Beverly 8015
    Ricoh Kathy Fontenot 8928
    Sales Tax Becky Beverly 8015
    Scholarships Renee Beck 8018
    Time & Attendance-Special Revenue/Grants Indra Hebert 8044
    Training-Campuses Becky Beverly 8015
    Training-Departments Renee Beck 8018
    Web2Print Brandi Enard 8944
    Workers Compensation Risk Specialist 8995
    Year-End Close Ida Schultze 8016