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    Middle School Electives (E-lab)

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Debbie Hartman

  • Hello,

              My name is Debbie Hartman.  This is my 29th year teaching and my 19h year at the DAEP.  I am the middle school elective lab (e-lab) teacher at the DAEP.  My first three years at the DAEP I was the middle school math teacher and since then I have been an elective lab teacher.  I enjoy helping the students with their elective work.

              I grew-up in Southwest Houston.  I graduated from Alief Elsik High School.  I attended the University of Houston, graduated with a BS in Health Education.  While I was in high school and college I was a student althetic trainer.

              I moved to the Kingwood area in 1993.  I live here with my spouse, son, twin grandchildren, and three dogs.  I enjoy being a grandma to my grandkids.  I am active in boy scouts and my church. I enjoy reading, playing computer games, sitting around the pool, and spending time with my family.



    Homeroom - 6th/8th

    1st period - 6th/8th

    2nd period - 8th

    3rd period - 6th/8th

    4th period - 7th/8th

    5th period - 7th/8th

    6th period - 7th

    7th  period - 7th

    Homeroom - 6th/8th