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    Attention All Summer Creek Tennis Players: Please
    join Summer Creek Tennis on Remind 101.
    Coach Castillo- To:81010   Message:@ee9e25
     Coach Selten- To:81010    Message: @sctenni
    "There's no secret formula. The more you play the better you get. I used to just play in the driveway, play in the playground, dream of all of these things happening. And the more that you play, the better you get."
    Kobe Bryant, on the key to hoop success
    Practice Schedule Aug-Mid-October
     Practice once school starts Aug 10. for those in 7th period Varsity and JV “A” will be:

    Mondays-till 4:00 pm

    Tuesdays-Match Day or practice till 4pm

    Wednesdays-till 4:00 PM whenever we have 7 periods/On block days till 2:50 PM-go to tutoring

    Thursday- 3-4:30 PM on block days and until 4 pm on 7 period days.

    Friday-Match Day or practice till 4pm

    Schedule will be adjusted for offseason in October.

    6th period will practice in class till mid-October.  In October we will have open courts for all players at all levels.