•  What is Color Guard?

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    It is artistry, passion, movement, physicality, musicality, precision, theatricality, drama, and emotion. What we do is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen before. We train skills in ballet, modern, & jazz dance so that we can layer it with flags, rifles, and sabres to create grand spectacles and great effects. During the fall, we add all of this flair to the marching band to create more depth within their halftime production. During the spring, we take our skills to the competition circuit to test our mettle against other schools across south east Texas. If you love to perform and being expressive through movement, be on the lookout for us. We would absolutely LOVE to show you what we do. For more information, you can email our director, Mr. Scarberry.

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  • How do I join?

    Admission is by audition only. Our auditions usually happen in May, and if you make it, you will be expected to attend our 4-day camp in June. It is here that you will get fundamental training to know what to work on over the summer. At the audition, you will learn a short dance combination that leads immediately into a flag combination. We will teach you everything you need to know at auditions, though it will be a crash course. Previous dance experience (specifically ballet, modern, & jazz) will definitely aid you in this process, but is absolutely NOT required. You will be expected to be dressed in solid black with your hair secured out of your face. Dance shoes or athletic shoes are acceptable, as well as being barefoot for the audition. Remember that an audition is a performance, so you want to look your best and present your best.

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