•                                               Sara Hansen, ATC/L, M.Ed. 
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    Principles of Health Science                               
    Health Science Theory/Clinical 
    Health Science Practicum  
    HOSA Sponsor
    Phone Number: 281-641-7567
    Room Number: 1743
    Email: sara.hansen@humbleisd.net
  • SCHEDULE                                                      
    1st period: Principles of Health Science             
    2nd & 3rd period: Health Science Practicum           
    3rd & 4th period: Health Science Theory/Clinical                   
    5th period: Conference                                                      
    6th & 7th period: Health Science Theory/Clinical  
    Tuesday 2:55-3:25 PM
    Thursday 2:55-3:25 PM 
    If you need to schedule another time, just let me know!