Missi Taylor
    Career and Technology Education

    Principles of Architecture 

    Architectural Design I

    Construction Management I & II

    Principles of Applied Engineering

    Engineering Design and Presentation

    Room Number: 1410
    Telephone Number: 281.641.6682
    Email Address: mptaylor@humbleisd.net
    Schoology Humble:  Schoology Humble
    1st      Engineering Design
    2nd    Principles of Applied Engineering
    3rd     Construction Management I & II
    4th     Construction Management I & II
    5th     Conference/Planning 
    6th     Principles of Architecture 
    7th     Architecture Design I
    Tutoring Schedule
    After school: M,T,TH 3:00-3:30
    Hour Lunch: Wed – B lunch

    Club Meeting Times - Flex Hour
    Thursday- 'B' Lunch - KP Bass Fishing
    Friday - 'A' Lunch - Tiny Homes
    Subject to change due to faculty meeting or schedule change.
    Late Work Policy: Work turned in one day late will incur a 20 point deduction, two days late a 40 point deduction, and three days late a 50 point deduction. Missed tests and quizzes must be made up within one week of an absence