• Crystal Livingston
    AP Language and Composition
    English III
    Class of 2022 Sponsor
    Room 1205
    Welcome to your junior year of high school.  This year will prove to be interesting; it will certainly be one that will help shape who you are and will add to your story.  Very few high school students can say they were able to share their school with another.  Our challenges will indeed become our triumphs.  This year is about finding your voice as the author of your story.  Together we will ensure that yours is heard. 
    Literature Circles
    Class Schedule:
    Period 1: AP Lang and Comp
    Period 2: AP Lang and Comp
    Period 3: AP Lang and Comp
    Period 4: Conference
    Period 5: AP Lang and Comp
    Period 6: English III
    Period 7: Cheerleading