• Julana Shmaefsky

    Blue Angels Family
    Room Number: 3112

    Telephone Number: 281-641-7300
    or jshmaef@humbleisd.net 
    At church
    Hello Blue Angels, Physics, and IPC Questies and parents!

    I'm looking forward to a great year of games, experiments, conversations, and, oh yea, learning things like solving for unknowns, understanding cells and practicing how to be independent, responsible, contributing adults.

    Please feel free to email me with any questions or input you have. Science tutoring is available in the morning and during flex time. Specifics TBA. 

    For all physics and IPC classes, students need a 3-ring binder or a section in the AVID binder. A spiral bound notebook is also acceptable but not as convenient. 

    I communicate via Remind 101. Please text the appropriate code to 81010:
    Family: text the code @blueang
    Physics: text @shmoophys8
    IPC: text @shmooipc18 
    I also use Google Classroom. The code for:
      • Family is ytie5x
      • Physics is 66mx5c
      • IPC is k89a5y
    Please visit the family, physics, bio or ipc tabs to the left for info including class procedures and grading policies in the syllabus

    Students (and parents) - Keys to success in my classes:

    *Keep up with your notes. Read them, summarize them, then read them again. Everything I ask you to know will be in the notes.
    *Do homework asap! Classes are usually homework intensive and sometimes what made sense in class can get muddy soon afterwards so don't wait.
    *Class hours are very valuable. Be wise in your use of this resource. Time is the one resource you can never earn more of
    *Keep up with your grades and assignments. Find the Home Access icon at the top right and click it at least once a week to check grades. 
    *ASK when you don't get something. If you already knew it all, you wouldn't be in school! Your syllabus lists >10 resources!
    *Keep trying - Never give up, never surrender (tell me if you know where that quote is from). The learning is in the struggle. 
    9th Blue Angels
    1st Physics
    2nd Learning Lab
    3rd IPC
    4th Physics
    9th Blue Angels
    5th Credit Recovery
    6th Physics
    7th IPC
    8th PD 
    Shmaefsky's tutoring time:
    Morning: M/Th
    Flex: Th
    Other days/times by appointment
    By email: every day
    Other tutoring options:
    There is at least one science teacher
    available every morning and every flex.
    For physics, math teachers are often a
    lot of help, too. They're also available
    every morning and every flex.
    On line, Khan Academy covers every
    topic in every class.