• Holly Schoettlin



    Name: Holly Schoettlin
    Grade: 9-12
    Subject / Department:  Dual Credit Kinesiology/ PHED
    Room Number: 3201
                Telephone Number: 281-641-7344
                Email Address: holly.schoettlin@humbleisd.net

    If you wish to make a donation of needed items for the school then consider donating to 
    Quest Early College High School Annual Fund
    Friends of Quest- link is on the Quest Home page
    We can always use donations of balls of every kind, cardio and weight equipment, and tennis rackets or tennis balls. 
    Kinesiology is a dual credit physical education opportunity for all students that focuses physical, mental and socil/emotional wellness principles. Students are required to dress for class and participate fully in the curriculum. Students will take a pre-fitness assessment and then create goals they wish to attain during the semester. There will be written assessments that Lonestar College requires along with a midterm and final exam. My current syllabus is located under helpful documents. Students will need to access their Lonestar D2L accounts as well to submit the written assignments. Student grades will be located in HAC. 
    The High school only physical education course will focus on fitness, cooperative games, social games, individual and team sports, and rhythmic studies. Students will need to dress daily in modest workout attire with proper lace tying athletic shoes.