Park Baseball 2022
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    Posted by JACOB ZOLMAN on 1/21/2022


    Ghosts of the Forest. Panthers themselves, being referred to as ghosts due to their dark fur making them hard to see when they hunt, is the inspiration for this hashtag. But this hashtag also defines the 2022 Panther baseball team.

    The 2022 Panthers will be young and exciting. After a 2021 campaign filled with high expectations for a senior laden squad that went on to have a record breaking season, 2022 will be a group finding its identity in the shadows of preseason radars.

    Panthers are the most stealthy killers in the jungle - by the time the prey sees the Panther, its already dead. Similarly, this group of Panthers will get to experience being the hunter, lurking in the shadows until its time to strike.

    In day or night, the Panther stalks its prey by being the most clever animal in the forest. Similarly, this group of Panthers will have multiple tools in their arsenal of tricks - multiple ways to win.




    ...these Panthers are lurking in the shadows of the Livable Forest, and they are getting ready to strike.

    #GITF #ParkBaseball2022

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