Mrs. Rosato
                        Room 2212 
    Pre-A.P. Chemistry &
    OnRamps Chemistry

    Chemistry I text book:

    Chemistry:Matter and Change (McGraw Hill)
    The app is great: ConnectEd McGraw Hill Education
    Username: hisd+1st 3 letters 1st name, 1st 3 letters last name, last 4 digits ID#
    Password: humble+ ID #
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    1st Period - PreAP Chem
     2nd Period - OnRamps Chem
     3rd Period - PreAP Chem
     4th Period Conference
     5th Period - OnRamps Chem
     6th Period -PreAP Chem
    7th Period - PreAP Chem profile pic  
    Tutoring Schedule:
    Monday A
    Thursday B
    Other times by appointment