Coach Kim Ackerman
    Room Number: 2200
    Telephone Number: 281-641-6773
    XC office - 281-641-6753
    Email Address: kackerm@humbleisd.net
    Teen Leadership is a hybrid class of Personal Dynamics, Leadership Skills, and Speech.  Lifetime skills, self-confidence, and public speaking are just a few topics that are covered.  This is not a lecture class, it is a doing class. 
    "Leadership is about being your personal best." -  Flip Flippen
    "Leaders are ordinary people with Extraordinary determination".   - author unknown

    1st - Boys Cross Country/ 2nd sem. Conference
    2nd -Principles of Education
    3rd - Teen Leadership
    4th - Teen Leadership
    5th - Credit Recovery
    6th - ISS
    7th  - Conference -  Planning / 2nd sem. - Boys Track
    FCA - Fellowship of Christian Athletes Sponsor