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    Personalized Counseling
    At Kingwood Park High School we are here for you! We believe in a personalized approach to counseling and each of our students will receive two individual meetings each year with their counselor. In these meetings, students will explore their goals and aspirations, and discuss the options for their personal path at KPark. We will also be working with students and teachers in the classroom to provide additional avenues for student success. 
    We take our job as counselors very seriously and we want to help and support students and their families in any way that we can. You are not alone on this journey and we encourage you to reach out to us at any time. Our Counselors are ready to provide students with information about programs, courses and support in developing a personalized high school experience. For additional information, follow this link to Dr. Fagen's video.
    Please check out the latest and greatest information from the counseling department in our Smore newsletter. Counselor Newsletter
Students A-D Amanda Amanda Farmer
Students A-D
Phone 281-641-6623
Students E-K Tim Tim Hurlbert
Students E-K
Phone 281-641-6782
Students L-Rh Lauren Lauren Grayson
Students L-Rh
Phone 281-641-6697
Students Ri-Z Jenny Jenny Van Horn
Students Ri-Z
Phone 281-641-6622
At Risk Counselor Gina Gina Sanchez
At Risk Counselor
Phone 281-641-6610
Counseling Office Manager Kristine Kristine Tyrrell
Counseling Office Manager
Phone 281-641-6779

Teen Help Information

Teen Help Info

Want To Drop an Honors Class?

  • 1. Students/Parents must get the link for the level change form from the child's teacher.

    2. The teacher will have a conference with the student and parent.

    3. After the conference, the counselor will process the request based on the timeline.

    3 Week Timeline: Sept 2 is the deadline for submitting requests to drop.

    6 Week Timeline: Sept 12 requests begin; September 23rd is the deadline for submitting requests to drop.

    Semester Timeline: November 29 requests begin; December 14th is the deadline for submitting requests to drop.

    CREST Award Winners 2016-17, 2017-18 AND 2018-19
    Congratulations to Kingwood Park High School for being one of a group of only 70 schools from across the state to win the CREST Award for Counseling Excellence for 2017/18 AND 2018-2019. CREST stands for Counselors Reinforcing Excellence for Students in Texas. Schools receiving CREST awards have demonstrated a commitment using the school guidance and counseling program to improve the lives and achievement of students in academic, career, and personal social domains.