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    Counseling Team
    We Are KPark!
    Our Counselors are ready to provide students with information about programs, courses and support in developing a personalized high school experience. Follow this link to Dr. Fagan's video- Click here
    KPHS counselors are available and working to ensure that the educational and emotional needs of KPHS students continue to be met. Counselors are prepared to communicate by email, phone and/or videoconferencing. We know that you may have questions. The Covid-19 Support and Assistance tab may answer many of them. However, if not, please reach out to your house counselor with any questions or concerns. KPHS Counselors are here to help during these unprecedented times, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us. See your counselor's information below and use the QR code to sign up and meet with your counselor,


    Students A-D
    Caren Barnes
    Phone: 281-641-6623
    Fax: 281-641-6717
    Scan here:
    Click here  
    Students E-K
    Tim Hurlbert
    Phone: 281-641-6782
    Fax: 281-641-6819
    Scan here
     Click here
    Students L-Rh
    Lauren Grayson
    Phone: 281-641-6697
    Fax: 281-641-6859
    Scan here: 
    Students Ri-Z
    Jenny Vanhorn
    Phone: 281-641-6622
    Fax: 281-641-6840
    Scan here:
    cLICK HERE   
    At Risk Counselor
    Gina Sanchez
    Phone: 281-641-6610
     Gina Sanchez
    Counseling Office Manager
    Celia Herbst
    Phone: 281-641-6779
    NCL & click on "Admission Information" below
     Click here to view the "Class of 2026" 8th grade Powerpoint - presented 11/8/21
    Click here to view"Class of 2022 Senior Information" Powerpoint- presented 10/27/21
    Click here to see the list of popular college Admission Information, 
    application deadlines, requirements, scholarship and financial aid information.
    Also include: how to contact the individual college reps and many other student resources.



    CREST Award Winners 2016-17, 2017-18 AND 2018-19
    Congratulations to Kingwood Park High School for being one of a group of only 70 schools from across the state to win the CREST Award for Counseling Excellence for 2017/18 AND 2018-2019. CREST stands for Counselors Reinforcing Excellence for Students in Texas.
    Schools receiving CREST awards have demonstrated a commitment using the school guidance and counseling program to improve the lives and achievement of students in academic, career, and personal social domains.