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    Welcome to Project Graduation 2021!  Planning for this very special event has already begun.  Requiring hundreds of parent volunteers, this event also depends on the financial support of ALL of our Class of 2021 families.  Click here for donation information and rewards.  

    The concept behind Project Graduation began in the early 1980s.  At that time, numerous students lost their lives in alcohol-related automobile accidents associated with graduation parties.  Concerned parents decided to take a stand, and the idea of a substance-free event for the entire class to celebrate together was born.  The parents of the Class of 2021 are proud to continue this tradition and provide a memorable, extraordinary and safe celebration for our graduating students.  Project Graduation is a free, all-night event open to all KHS seniors!

    It is also a huge event that takes 9-10 months to plan, requiring more than $75,000 in operational costs and a substantial amount of volunteer support. While we don’t know what the future holds, we choose to believe we will have an event for our kids and we are getting to work!.  

    We are also planning for contingencies.  What if Project Graduation doesn’t happen?  What happens to my donation?  PROJECT GRADUATION 2021 BELIEVES IN TRANSPARENCY.  This is our pledge to you:  IF Project Graduation does not happen, all 2021 families will be contacted about your donations.  Most likely, we will not be able to refund donations in full, simply because there are some expenses that occur every year and have to be paid regardless.  But, if the event does not take place, you will have the option to have your donation refunded to the fullest extent possible.   We will provide financials explaining any portion that was spent, or you may choose to leave your donation for future years.

    Project Graduation has always received great support from our community, however we expect this year will be more difficult to raise needed funds.  So many businesses took years to recover from Hurricane Harvey and are now struggling to stay open with Covid-19. We know our local businesses love KHS, but we understand that many will not be able to donate at the level they have in the past.  Given that, we need family support this year more than ever. The suggested donation amount is $100 per student.  Families can pay in installments.  

    We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations are tax-deductible. Payments can be made many ways: Venmo or Zelle (please include your student’s name in the comments) to khsprojgrad21@gmail.com. Please be sure to type the email address correctly!  We can also accept checks using this check payment form.  For cash donations, please contact our treasurer, Amy Foutz, at khsprojgrad21@gmail.com to arrange delivery.  

    Thank you for your support for this great event. Best wishes to you and your student for a great senior year!