KHS PG 2022
  • Welcome to Project Graduation 2022!


    Planning for this very special event has already begun. We need the help of all of our Senior parents/guardians to make this event a success. This event requires hundreds of parent volunteers, along with the financing and planning and support of all of our Class of 2022 families.


    The concept behind Project Graduation began in the early 1980’s. At that time, numerous students lost their lives in alcohol-related automobile accidents associated with graduation parties. Concerned parents decided to take a stand, and the idea of a substance-free event for the entire class to celebrate together was born. The parents of the Class of 2022 are proud to continue this tradition and provide a memorable, extraordinary, and safe celebration for our seniors. PROJECT GRADUATION is a free event open to all seniors!


    Project Graduation is a huge event that takes 9-10 months to plan, it requires $70-80,000 in budget, and a huge amount of support. The event has always received great support from our community, but as we all know, so many businesses took years to recover from Hurricane Harvey and are now struggling to stay open with Covid-19. We know our local businesses love KHS, but we don’t expect them to be able to donate at the level they have in the past. Given that, we need parental support this year more than ever.  The suggested donation amount is $100 per family, and you can pay in installments if you prefer. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax-deductible. To support Project Graduation with your donation, please click here:


    We want to thank those who have already supported Project Graduation with your donation. We have already received the $100 or more donation from 58 families. Thank you! The evening of Project Graduation will contain tons of great events for our seniors, including a food café, coffee bar, boardwalk games, karaoke, casino and prize giveaways. The students will start the evening with a set amount of Mustang Bucks they can use to play games, gamble in the casino and other activities. Then, they can cash their Mustang Bucks in to earn prize tickets for the giveaways. There are also several other ways to earn ADDITIONAL Mustang Bucks! As you know, the more tickets you have the better the chance to win.


    When the parent does this:

    The Senior attending Project Graduation gets

    Make $100 donation before 10/31

    $5,000 extra Mustang Bucks (additional provided for larger donations)

    Make $100 donation between 11/1 and 12/1

    $2,000 extra Mustang Bucks

    Make $100 donation any time after 12/1

    $1,000 extra Mustang Bucks

    Bring us a corporate sponsor valued $1000+

    $1,000 extra Mustang Bucks (additional provided for larger sponsorships)

    Serve as a committee chair/co-chair from start to finish

    $2,500 extra Mustang Bucks

    Attend monthly Project Graduation meetings

    $500 extra Mustang Bucks per meeting attended


    Payments can be made many ways: 




    Thank you for your support for this great event. Best wishes to you and your student for a great SENIOR YEAR, Class of 2022!!!



    Project Graduation 2022 Directors:     


    Jennifer Garrow                                 Nanette Kalman                                  Rikki Kief                


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