•     Susan Butler
    Physics 1-L & Pre-AP
    Room Number: 3014

     Phone 281-641-7222
    picture of bullet going through apple
     Notice: Refraction and Lenses Test is moved to  Monday May 13!
    Tutoring:  7 - 7:20 am - Tues, Wed, Fri (will start at 6:45 on test days)
                      B lunch - Mon & Thurs
                      after school M, W, Th
    Hall duty:  7 - 7:20am - Monday (4400 hall) 
    B Lunch Schedule: Mon - tutoring
                                      Tues - Math/Science/Computer UIL
                                      Wed - Math/Science/Computer UIL
                                      Thurs - Tutoring
                                      Fri      - Sciene Olympiad               
     Class Schedule:
    1st   Physics 1 Level 
    2nd  Physics 1 PAP
    3rd   Physics 1 Level
    4th   Physics 1 PAP  
    5th   Conference
    6th   Physics 1 PAP
    7th   Physics 1 Level
    Makeup Tests:   Lunch (need A and B) 
                                 in LGI 4210     
    Makeup Labs:  after school Wed or B lunch
                               on M, Th (if no test 
                                     next day)                    

    Note: I will use "remind" which will send text messages to remind you of project due dates and other info. Parents may also sign up. Ask your child or email me to get instructions.