• Balloons over Eiffel Tower Stacey DeVault


    Foreign Language Teacher and Department Head
    French I and Spanish I



    Tutoring times =  Tuesday and Thursday during A lunch.

    Don't forget that National Honor Society offers free tutoring in the KHS library on Wednesday evenings from 6 - 8p.m.


    Do you owe me a make-up test/quiz?  Go to 4210 at the beginning of lunch with your ID.


     To join my Google Classroom -

    1st period                  8v8kep5

    2nd period                 m2sjc2e

    4th period                  myxbyex

    5th period                  abn94xa

    7th period                  edrstxr


    Students are expected to study 15 - 30 minutes daily.  You will see what we've done on a daily basis on the "Calendar" tab.  If you've forgotten to write your homework down (or were absent), you can look there for more information.  I generally update this shortly after school each afternoon.  You will also see when tests and quizzes are coming up.  I post them on the date that they will take place.



    Why should you learn French? 

    Check out some reasons on this website.