• Stacey DeVault


    Please visit Schoology for additional course information and class schedules.





    My Schedule for the 2022-23 School Year

    1st - Spanish 1 

    2nd - French 2 L & Adv

    3rd - French 2

    4th - 6th French 1

    7th - Conference


    My Tutoring Days are Thursday and Friday during B lunch.


    Hi!  Welcome to my website.  I'm looking forward to the start of the new school year.  I hope that you are ready to embrace learning a new Foreign Language along with your classmates.  Put on a smile and get ready to take a chance.  Active participation and daily practice help ensure your success and you will get so much more from the class by joining in to the dialog.  You are opening the door for so many exciting opportunities to come.  Travel, career, dining, conversing with new people... your potential is limitless!




    Unless I specify, you are encouraged to use online resources to LEARN vocabulary but please do not simply put work into translation websites to have a machine do all the work for you.  I will provide you with some resources in Schoology to simplify your studies.




    Additional course information and class resources are located in Schoology.


    Please make wise choices in all things you do.





    Electronic device 

    Charger / External Battery

    Blue/black pen

    Colored pens of choice for corrections

    Paper (any rule)



    If you wish to make donations to the classroom - 

    I would truly appreciate Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards, Tissues or White Board Markers.