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    Sunday, December 15, 2019 5:46 AM
    Rusty Odom
    Advanced Audio/Video Production
    Room 4713
    Phone: 281-641-6949
    1st Period - Freshmen Basketball
    2nd Period - Advanced A/V Production
    3rd Period - Advanced A/V Production
    4th Period - Advanced A/V Production
    5th Period - Varsity Basketball
    6th Period - Conference
    7th Period - Conference
    Open Lab Schedule:
    Monday - A/B Lunch
    Tuesday - Closed
    Wednesday- A/B Lunch 
    Thursday - A/B Lunch 
    Friday - B Lunch
    Turoring availabe by request

    Film Appreciation/YouTube Club 
    Fantasy Sports Club
    UIL Film Club

    No Cellphone Use Permitted
    No Computer/Video Games Permitted

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