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    Frances Baldwin, French M.A.  

    Zoom Meeting Schedule: 

    French I : Wednesdays (Recurring) 08:00 AM Café Chat 188-647-852
    M-F (Recurring) 03:00 PM Café Chat Pour Tous 229-032-814
    French II/IIpreAP - Wednesdays (Recurring) 10:00 AM Café Chat 186-646-443
    M-F (Recurring) 03:00 PM Café Chat Pour Tous 229-032-814
    French IIIpreAP/Dual - Thursdays (Recurring) 12:00 PM Café Chat 429-206-551
    M-F (Recurring) 03:00 PM Café Chat Pour Tous 229-032-814
    French IVAP/Dual - Thursdays (Recurring) 02:00 PM Café Chat 820-517-089
    M-F (Recurring) 03:00 PM Café Chat Pour Tous 229-032-814
    During our current campus closure, learning opportunities will be sent via school email and posted in Google Classroom every Monday.
    When in Google Classroom, there are two main tabs to make navigation easy: Stream (a list of posts) and Classwork (a list of activities). The Classwork tab is where to access the activities.
    To further facilitate communication, short messages will be sent via Remind; Voicemail will be checked twice a day. I will get back to you in a timely manner!
    The on-line textbook for French I, 2 & 3 is Holt McDougal. Here is the link to MyHumble: 
    MyHumble link
    As the first-born American of French immigrant parents, I spoke French before learning English.  I've lived in Germany, France; New York and Los Angeles and in many U.S.cities between our two coasts.  While living in Los Angeles, I became NBC's French interpreter for its #1 hit cartoon television series The Smurfs, and spent five years at the Hanna-Barbera studio editing and writing smurfy scripts (see Frances Novier).
    In 1989 I left Los Angeles with my husband and we came to the Kingwood area to raise our two children near family. Our children are Kingwood High School graduates! 
    I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Houston in 2000; in 2011 from the University of North Texas with a Master's in French, and have been teaching French in Humble ISD since 2001.
    For me, sharing the French culture and language is not just a way to earn a salary, it's a love.