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    Frances Baldwin, French M.A.  


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    Tutoring:  Tu/Thurs "B" Block and others days, as needed!
    French Club meets in room 4302
    National French Honor Society meets on Wednesdays during "B" Block, 4302
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    For general information visit www.frenchteachers.org

    As the first-born American of French immigrant parents, I spoke French before learning English.  I've lived in Germany, France; New York and Los Angeles and in many U.S.cities between our two coasts.  While living in Los Angeles, I became NBC's French interpreter for its #1 hit cartoon television series The Smurfs, and spent five years at the Hanna-Barbera studio editing and writing smurfy scripts (see Frances Novier).
    In 1989 I left Los Angeles with my husband and we came to the Kingwood area to raise our two children near family. Our children are Kingwood High School graduates! 
    I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Houston in 2000; in 2011 from the University of North Texas with a Master's in French, and have been teaching French in Humble ISD since 2001.
    For me, sharing the French culture and language is not just a way to earn a salary, it's a love.